Licensing Options

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Besides the best content in the industry, OEG customers enjoy one commercial benefit
that other suppliers are not prepared to give:
The licensing options described below show just how flexible we can be based on your needs.



OEG is a developer of learning content for process operator training and the Knowledge Library learning and integration platform.

Our content is organized by Content Libraries and prebuilt Course Packages. The Content libraries are organized into sub libraries giving you the flexibility to pick and choose to create your own content menu based on the potential gaps in your LMS. Course Packages are available to take online or to load into your LMS.



Our users also have the flexibility to choose how they want OEG content delivered. OEG supports SCORM integration to any LMS and the ability to utilize the Knowledge Library platform to construct and maintain micro-courses, syllabuses, and assessments which can be added to your LMS through single-click SCORM manifest creation.

You choose how you want your content delivered: a SCORM manifest for an eLearning micro-course or Shareable Content Objects (SCOs) for individual Learning Assets. However the content is delivered, you always have access to the Knowledge Library learning and integration platform for more advanced capabilities that can be delivered by an LMS.



OEG licenses its content and Knowledge Library learning and integration platform on a subscription basis. Once you have decided what content and delivery mechanism you want, simply contact us for a quote.

Subscription license pricing is based on numbers of named users, sites, or corporate-wide licenses. Discounts are earned for volume of licenses and multi-year commitments.


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