Customer References

"TE3CO selected OEG to develop both marketing and training material for the TE3CO Safety RAT. We chose OEG because of their realistic modeling and animation capabilities as well as their knowledge of Complex industrial equipment. All of the content they built for us was turned into courses in the OEG Knowledge Library. We were also able to easily develop our own custom courses for our employees in the Knowledge Library where we assign, gather, and track all of our student courses and data."

― John Kovac - Operations Manager - TE3CO

"Par Pacific initially began using the OEG Knowledge Library because of the quality of their 3D training content for our refining operators. However, the ease of building custom courses in the Knowledge Library platform and the simplicity of SCORM integration with our LMS has allowed us to leverage OEG for all of our custom eLearning course creation."

― LaToya Smith - Director, Talent Management - Par Pacific

"The OEG Knowledge Library will enhance AVEVA Unified Learning with rich, purpose-built content for basic process operator training, as well as reduce learning time and improve knowledge retention to enable our customers to build and sustain workforce competence."

― Ravi Gopinath - Chief Cloud Officer and Chief Product Officer - AVEVA