Link. Load. Transfer.


The base level of integration in the Knowledge Library is the generation of a URL link to any Learning Asset or Learning Resource.

The URL can be dropped into any document, PowerPoint, or webpage. Clicking on the URL will automatically call the Knowledge Library and play the video, micro-course, or any other Learning Resource.


The Knowledge Library automatically creates Shareable Content Objects (SCOs) and SCORM manifests.

Create an SCO of any Learning Asset (with or without questions) to load into your Learning Management System (LMS) with the click of a button. When loaded into the LMS, the SCO will automatically call the Knowledge Library and play any Learning Asset.

SCORM manifests can also be created with the click of a button. Once loaded into the LMS, Learning Resources are automatically called in the Knowledge Library with user information automatically sent back to the LMS upon completion.



The Knowledge Library also comes equipped with a ready to use REST API for web services integration.

More detailed data for on the performance of every Learner, Learning Asset, and Learning Resource is available through REST API calls.


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