Assemble. Refine. Analyze.

Micro-Courses: The OEG Knowledge Libraries' “eLearning” course builder. Build courses to your specifications using various content types from multiple sources (videos, animations, documents, images, etc.). Simply and quickly create, edit and update your courses. Integrate workshops, critical thinking exercises, and quizzes as you see fit. Collect critical data from every interaction to analyze both the learner and the training content.


Assemble Courses.

Easily build courses from scratch or simply customize the pre-built courses provided by OEG to meet your specific requirements.

Position Content, Workshops, Critical Thinking Exercises and Quizzes where you feel they can be used to the greatest learning advantage.

Build and configure quiz questions for each learning asset you purchase or develop. Select from, add to or edit the questions delivered with the high quality OEG Library content.



Never again pay and wait for a vendor to correct a system issue or add content you require to an “off-the-shelf” course you have purchased. Simply drag and drop new course components, when required, into your courses and move these components to position them as you desire them in the course.

Randomize your quiz questions and add “boosters” at selected post course intervals to keep your learners engaged and thinking. Add weighting to the quiz questions presented to insure the most important information is graded accordingly.

Use the statistics gathered by the Knowledge Library on each course you develop to refine and improve the course, the questions and the content you employ.


Analyze Data.

Gather content, learner and learning resource data with no effort on your behalf.

Use this data to quickly and easily produce reports and graphs to identify your successes, specific areas for improvement or to refine and continuously improve the content and courses you create and deliver.


Enhance your enterprise knowledge!