Create. Evaluate. Improve.

Assignments: Package playlists, courses and assessments to create, then assign to learners. Save and share assignments you have created for future use. Apply due dates and success criteria to fit your organizational needs. Create learner groups to simplify the assignment process.



Use the all the learning assets available to you and the learning resources you have created using the OEG Knowledge Library “toolkit” to create assignments with the specific focus you desire.

Save, reuse and improve these assignments to establish a best-in-class curriculum available across the enterprise.



Gather and study the results from the assignments you have created to evaluate the successes, as well as areas for improvement for both your learning programs and learners.

Compare results across business units, sites or units and share this knowledge with your SME’s and course developers.



Without the supporting data it’s difficult, if not impossible to improve.

Use your analytical skills and the OEG Knowledge Library reporting tools to continuously improve.

The OEG Knowledge Library gathers all the data you need to evaluate your learners, your learning programs and improve upon them.


Enhance your enterprise knowledge!