Apply. Assess. Reinforce.

Assessments: The OEG Knowledge Libraries' “Assessment” tool. Simply and quickly create assessments to your specific requirements and standards directly from playlists, syllabuses and courses. Easily assess learner knowledge, retention and application. Collect critical data from each assessment to analyze both the learner and the training content.



You cannot improve something you do not measure.

Use assessments to measure the “baseline” knowledge of your new hires, determine the knowledge retention and application of your incumbents or demonstrate the success of your in-class facilitated and eLearning courses.



Identify areas for improvement by learner, learning asset and learning resource.

Assess the knowledge of your new-hires and incumbent workforce and identify areas of strength, areas for improvement and areas where other training techniques may be used to better enable retention.

Determine which learning assets and learning resources are yielding the best results. Use this data to improve both and improve learner performance.



Identify and address areas of weak performance or poor understanding uncovered through an assessment automatically, without administrative intervention.

Auto-remediation provides the ability to track assessment performance and build remedial courses that specifically address these areas. Auto-remediation can be applied until the desired score has been achieved or a different remedial path has been determined.

Both assessment and auto-remediation attempts and results are gathered and stored as a part of the learner records.


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